Simple Transfer is an FCA regulated API (Authorised Payment Institution) online based money remittance platform for sending payments to Bangladesh and across the globe with pay-out locations in over 100 counties. The Simple Transfer platform and product has been built keeping in mind the digitalisation of money market and its impact on remittance industry.

By sending money through Simple Transfer, customers will gain Mobile Wallet nationwide settlement services in Bangladesh. Instead of sending money through various Mobile Wallet providers separately, Simple Transfer is aggregating Bangladeshi Mobile Wallets to be accessible for all mobile networks.

Simple Transfer simply gives all its customers an access to reach every corner of Bangladesh. In addition to Bangladesh, Simple Transfer also provides the following pay-out modes to receivers in over 100 countries

  • Cash Pick-up
  • Bank Deposit
  • Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallets are essentially digital versions of traditional wallets that someone would carry in their pocket. While there are many variations, usually they can hold digital information about credit and debit cards for making payments, store coupons and loyalty programs, specific information about personal identity and more.

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Details of sending money.

  1. Simply select the country of the receiver
  2. Enter the send amount
  3. Select your desired pay-out method for the receiver e.g. Cash pick-up, bank deposit or mobile wallet
  4. Select the country of the receiver
  5. You will be prompted to register if you are not registered
  6. Pay the total amount = Send amount + send fee
  7. The funds is released to the receiver's preferred pay-out mode e.g. cash pick-up, bank deposit or mobile wallet

Based on the principle of simplicity and transparency as enjoyed by over 250,000 loyal customers from Simplecall, Simple Transfer provides very competitive and affordable fees. We offer our customers one of the best exchange rates you will ever get on the market and there are no hidden fees

  1. Receiving the funds instantly:
  2. Recipient receives the funds instantly in the Mobile Wallet account 24/7 without needing to wait for opening hours of Agent location.

  3. Receiving the remittance sitting at home:
  4. The recipient does not need to go anywhere to pick-up cash to use the monies received in Mobile Wallet. Recipient can instantly use received money through Mobile Wallet transaction to pay for services or to buy goods.

  5. Agent Location:
  6. The agent locations for encashing for Mobile Wallet are significantly higher than Bank branches.

  7. Travelling with Cash:
  8. The recipient does not need to carry cash around when monies are received in Mobile Wallet. It can be encashed asper need in required portions.

  9. Mobile Wallet is safe:
  10. Since the currency is held in virtual Mobile Wallet account, it cannot be snatched away or lost accidentally.

Yes the recipient does not need to even have a Mobile Wallet or MFS account. Once sender sends remittance to recipient’s mobile number, the recipient receives a SMS informing the receipt of the funds. The recipient then simply goes to one of the 543,420 Mobile Wallet agent locations and creates a Mobile Wallet account showing ID. Thereafter, the recipient does not need to register any further to receive funds in the Mobile Wallet Account going forward.

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Fast Track Money Transfer Limited trading as Simple Transfer was incorporated in 2009 with a registration number: 6872129. Simple Transfer is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution with FRN: 647030. Simple Transfer is also licensed with the HMRC with MLR number: 12526965